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About Farmluxe

Grow & Garden

Here at Farmluxe my goal is to inspire people to grow and garden. I believe that movement, creativity, nature, and a healthful diet are some of the best catalysts for living a fulfilled life and gardening brings these things in abundance.

About Misha

Hi, I’m Misha!

Hi, I’m Misha, a Pacific Northwest hobby farmer who grows truck loads of flowers & veggies. I love anything and everything garden design related and nature is my happy place.

Misha Gillingham

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Sky Dance Farm

Life at Sky Dance Farm

Sky Dance is our 20-acre farm on San Juan Island, Washington. Here, we grow fresh organic food and flowers that we donate to our local community, as well use for our workshops & events. We also have a happy herd of furry friends, most of whom have been adopted from around the area.

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Club Farmluxe

Club Farmluxe, led by Misha Gillingham & the Farmluxe team, serves as a digital haven for those aspiring to embrace a lifestyle inspired by gardens, flowers, and nature. Our platform is designed to show you how to design, plan, plant, and maintain your own organic garden, with a plethora of tutorials, workshops, and courses. You’ll explore inventive methods to generate income from your land with insights from industry experts. You’ll embark on virtual journeys to farms and gardens worldwide, and partake in virtual wellness events in nature. We organizing in-person member meetups, mini retreats, and international travels, fostering a sense of community among our members. Utilize our online community feature to connect with like-minded individuals and discover your true tribe.

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Blooms & Dreams

Blooms & Dreams is coffee-table-style book about cultivating wellness, generosity, and a connection to the land. It’s about finding meaning in our day-to-day routines and making choices that promote good health. Your purchase of Blooms & Dreams provides food for people in need. 100% of my earnings from this book go directly to Helpline House, the Bainbridge Island food bank.

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Wellness in the Garden

Experience the healing powers of our beautiful Farmluxe garden in full bloom. Join us for an intimate farm-based, floral-centered, wellness workshop of a lifetime. Learn More.

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